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Bishwas Bhandari - Software Engineer

Bishwas Bhandari

Continuously conscious to lead the world towards a it’s better version.

"What really inspired me to develop Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool was a blogger suffering through the pain of rejection by Google Adsense."
Bishwas Bhandari - Owner of
Bishwas Bhandari
Software Engineer

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Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool : Google Adsense Checker Tool
AEC TOOL - New Updates

Adsense Eligibility Checker tool (also called: Google Adsense Approval Checker) is being continuously getting updates and upgrades, so that this tool could provide you the 100% best result.

school management system by bishwas
School Management System - WebSMS

WebSMS is a advanced school management system that could help schools to manage their students. WebSMS will published as soon as possible as webapp as well as desktop app.

Bishwas Bhandari - Owner of
Bishwas Bhandari - Software Engineer


I am a simple boy with a great passion for programming and computing concepts from Nepal. I have excellent communicative skills, enabling me to effectively communicate with a wide range of people. I describe myself as a crazy and logical coder. Coding is my passion, job and my life.

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I hope you've already felt that I am really fond of with programming and coding. Programming is the greatest passion I have.


Writing articles and blogs is also one of my favorite work I really love to do. Therefore, I've created a blog where I post my knowledge about programming.