10 Reasons Why Positivity Is A Superpower

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‘Be positive, the sun is going to rise tomorrow’

Statements like these are pretty common, generic to say the least. Positivity is an irrefutable trait indeed. One who can be positive even in the most challenging times overrides success. So, stay positive!

That sounded way too easy to understand, let alone accepting and incorporating it.

Some might also believe while positivity is a trait of the good people, it shouldn’t be designated as a superpower especially when there are other competitors like rationality, morality, and kindness already in the field.

Let us first try to decode how positivity and superpower are 2 sides of the same coin.
Superpower is any power that isn’t ordinary and can be put to use for a greater good. Positivity involves all these features and can greatly affect an individual’s life. Here are top ways in which positivity can be a superpower.

It improves your mental well being:

Positivity can help people to refrain from getting into a dark zone mentally and improves their mental well being. This includes using affirmations to avoid getting caught in a circle of overthinking, overstressing negative consequences even though there is a negligible probability of their occurrence.

By constantly nurturing positive thoughts, one looks after their mental state healthily.

You tend to make good decisions in life

Both short and long term decisions can go wrong if taken in a state of utter chaos. Being positive helps a person to look at immediate problems with long term solutions, from a third-person perspective.

Strengthens relationships

People who cultivate positive thoughts refrain from reflecting their negative thoughts on anyone. They steer clear of distancing people when things got tough.

People have their traits, however positive people know how to allow the best traits to affect them. This helps them stay vocal about the problems they have with other people and are always ready to help them out.

You have a lot more energy to invest

Negativity can be a huge toll on a person’s body. It prevents them from putting their energy into productive work. Cultivating positivity helps people to use their energy efficiency while saving it from getting invested in toxic thought processes.

For example, You are more likely to work for more hours if you focus on adding the work hours by 15 minutes and focusing on getting the task done. On the other hand, the results can be the opposite if you keep on thinking about what the repercussions of not doing the task can be.

You can easily become a people’s person

People are attracted to positive energy and the ones who can uplift others from their draining thoughts. Sometimes, just talk with someone who is an active listener and looks at the bright side of everything can be a ray of hope to someone in despair.
Also, it becomes way easier for positive people to identify people who constantly crib about their circumstances and are never grateful enough for anything in life.

They are sorted with most of their work

Someone with a positive vibe will more likely focus on getting things done on time rather than focusing on the repercussions or the when, why, how, and what associated with the work.

They assume their responsibilities and hold themselves accountable for everything assigned to them.

High self-esteem

Being positive is a major determinant of high self-esteem. Positivity helps people avoid getting caught into people’s opinions about them. A specific opinion about a certain character aspect about them hardly affects their esteem and even if it does, they thrive stronger each time with better comebacks.

For example; If someone makes a negative comment about one’s physical appearance, a positive person is more likely to not let anything negative affect his self-esteem.

They look for ways of improvement

Unlike most people who tend to focus on the grey side of life, positive people have the habit of seeking ways to improve their life. They want to make things easier for them and exploit every opportunity in the best way.

They are also more likely to evaluate things rationally. Such people are aware of the fact that what happens in the near future can not be controlled, however, changes can be made in one’s actions to reap the benefits. They spend more time on acting than thinking about an uncertain future with hypothetical scenarios in the head.

For instance, a positive person will try to focus on how they can improve on a subject if they are constantly scoring low, rather than cribbing about their bad luck.

Positivity can change the world

To be more precise, a positive person can impact the world. They tend to affect those around them and their perspectives while letting go of anything that halts their journey to become self-aware. They are also open to any criticism coming their way and take it healthily.

However, this does not mean they accept their life and do nothing about it. Rather, they try to bring a positive change in their surroundings by fostering good values.

Helps one stay motivated

Failures do not get in the way of positive people to go for a second run. They take every failure as an opportunity or a lesson and they are looking for areas where they can make any up-gradation.

Positive people are also good situation handlers because they have an excellent coping response which enables them to respond decently, without throwing personal comments. They use more logic and less rhetoric because of an organized thought process.

Why most people fail to turn this into a core feature of their existence is their inability to fully commit to it. Some only opt for positivity when it can benefit them. They hardly put it to use in uncomfortable situations.

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