10 Strategies To Make People Listen To You


The Art of Conveying

“Make sure you have finished speaking, before your audience finish listening” -Dorothy Sarnoff

Most people consider talking as the most natural, and they don’t put effort to improve it. Therefore, must of us are left unheard and ignored. But in some ways, we can make people pay attention to us. Our speech, tone, and body language decide this for us. Apply the following strategies in your conversations and addresses. Soon, you will detect a warm response!


If you want to be heard, you have to listen. Be curious and interested in others. Nevertheless, people love to talk about themselves. A simple strategy for this is to keep smiling and ask relevant questions.

It would make the speaker comfortable and open up. Moreover, a good listener makes a good speaker. Don’t just hear to reply, but listen to understand. Consequently, you will know what interests the opponent.


Nobody would like to talk to a negative person. Make sure that your presence brings forth the positive energy in those around you. As Dale Carnegie said,
“I have learned that people would forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Speech is not just a facial exercise; your whole body has to indulge in the conversation. A few tips would help;

  • Fill the space around you; Don’t sit congested and nervous. Instead, be relaxed filling the sofa or whatever seat you have.
  • Keep your shoulders relax.
  • Sit straight and tall; make your presence be noticed.
  • Practice mirroring; imitate now and then, the actions of your opponent. Don’t make it look intentional mostly.

These tips would help you look confident and push away the nervousness.


The conversation would just dull away if you don’t look interested. Don’t focus on the surrounding directions. Never, would wandering eyes and distracted speech be tolerable. These tips would make it easy;

Lean into the person you are speaking.

  • Make eye contacts while speaking. It makes you look confident and honest.
  • Avoid any fidgeting; don’t make unnecessary movements. It shows nervousness and confusion.
  • Don’t rush; make slower and confident motions.
  • Smile often.


Don’t make your words worthless by speaking too much. Instead, choose the right time and the right place. Know what would be the consequences of your words. The right time has favourable conditions and topics you know well. The right place is where you and your words are valued. Firstly, make your thoughts apparent to yourself so that you can deliver them nicely. Don’t leave your audience confused and yourself misunderstood.


Your immense and powerful knowledge would be useless in front of an ignorant. Therefore, you must know what interests the listener. Grasp the understanding level of the listener and speak accordingly.

A listener will surely pay attention if your words make sense to him. Kate Brian states,
“You can’t make people listen to you, People only hear what they want to hear.”

Hence, speak relevantly and according to the place and audience. Everyone would be fond of you, and you’ll have everything to say to everyone.


If you talk about negative things all the time, don’t expect people to pay attention to you. In this case, change your behaviour. Avoid making, complaints and excuses. If you gossip, people believe you will chat about them too. They won’t talk to you happily. Moreover, who wants to speak with fear of being judged?

If you aren’t able to build a positive relationship and bond with your audience, they won’t enjoy your company.

Drop all these negative traits, to get your opponent all ears. Don’t say ill of any person in front of others. Instead, it would reflect your illness of character. Consequently, repelling people off you.


Before delivering your words, ask yourself about their authenticity. A false yet fancy speech may be temporarily pleasing. But, an honest person gets everyone interested in his words.

Julian treasure stated his HAIL Rule, as the principle of speech.

  • H for honesty.
  • A for Authenticity.
  • I for integrity.
  • L for love.

If your words possess these positive characters, you will have everyone’s attention. People would like to listen to your words.


Not that what you say only matters, but how you mean it. Your way of delivery makes you worthy of the limelight. One should have the following characters in mind.

  • Don’t keep monotonous; maintain a corresponding rise, and fall in your voice. Make it clear when you ask and when stating. Similarly, speak from deep in the lungs while making an authoritative speech.
  • Notice the pace; Don’t be too fast or too slow. In both cases, listeners can’t get the concept and get bored. So, keep a balance of speed.
  • Consider pitch; don’t make yourself sound too excited about dull topics. Similarly, don’t seem tedious about exciting topics.
  • Volume; speak loud and clear to be heard well. But not too loud to disturb the next party.

In all cases, you have to maintain a balance, for favourable delivery.


Last but not least. Don’t talk irrelevantly, unnecessarily and excessively. The more you stay silent, your words are valued. Suppose one person speaks all the time and others only necessarily and wisely. The more considerable attention would be paid to the second one comparatively.

Your silence should not seem like you are lost in another world. Yet you may listen to other people attentively. And then peacefully state your opinion, now and then. Neither should this silence indicate ignorance or shyness. However, silence is better than making nonsense statements.


Everyone wants to be heard. But, only a few want to put efforts into improving their speeches and way of speaking. The strategies, as mentioned above, are proven to help become the centre of attention. Just be confident and apply these strategies. Soon, you will see people listening to you with comparatively higher interest.

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