5 Unexpected Ways Depression Can Make Your Life Better

How To cope with depression

Depression… Have you ever felt overwhelmed and unable to function at your best? I guess everyone has at some point. It’s not strange that life can be unkind at times. It’s important to know how your body operates. In that way, you can tell when something is amiss. Always be alert to notice when you are not at ease with yourself. Ignoring the disharmony that exists in the body can have devastating consequences.

However, there are many positives lessons you can learn from depression. And use such information to re-launch your life journey. Their is so much information to pick from unfortunate situations generally. Here are some ways a misfortune can play a critical role in shaping who you are.

Depression Can Magnify Your Sense of Compassion

It is impossible to live in isolation. Social networks and relationships are key in providing the needed support. Problems make the presence of people to be so special. You feel valued and cared for when people stand with you in difficult times. Their presence brings a priceless relief.

 It is easy to relate to this fact if you have ever experienced a devastating condition. Either you may have experienced a serious problem, or seen someone go through the same. Challenges have a special way of reinforcing the value of affection.  It’s easy to appreciate the significance of social connection, especially if you have ever been in trouble.

Unfortunate circumstances do not only cause pain and sadness. They are also ideal opportunities for people to respond thoughtfully and compassionately. Many people have used sad moments to look for support from others.

When you are depressed, you feel overburdened with negative thoughts. It is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the radiance you get from interpersonal connections. Those who have overcome depression understand the significance of compassionate care.

You Become Your Own Best Supporter

The moment of discomfortis important in underpinning the significance of your ability to cope. The duty to overcome the situation is on you. You are responsible for any outcome,whether positive or negative. In such conditions, you need to take action immediately.  And ensure that you choose what is best for yourself. You are the first to re-direct the course of your life. The misfortune reminds you why you need to stay strong during the challenge.

It reminds you to focus on stuff that makes you feel happy. You may ask, how do you manage difficult moments? Can you preempt misfortune? And what happens when you’re completely overwhelmed? Well, feel free to do what resonates with your ability. Appreciate that there are people who can support you to overcome your challenges. Do not keep to yourself.

This is a battle you can win when you have the desire for a better life. The distress is an uncomfortable situation. When you overcome it, you develop a thick skin to enable you to weather the storm. You build resilience which is necessary to give you the strength in the pursuit of success.

The truth is, not all situations are the same. But when you are hurting, you develop the desire to overcome it. You want to keep your health in check. And build the capacity to get well again.

You Build Strength and Resilience as a Defense Mechanism

When your situation becomes undesirable, you develop the desire to improve it. You become conscious of the problem and begin to address it. It brings out the determination to achieve your best.

A depressing condition builds your ability to fight back. It gives you the strength to find inherent solutions to your problems. Unlike waiting for external assistance, you become aware that the solution must come from within.

The good thing about building resilience is that it can help you fight similar conditions in the future. It enables you to adapt well to adversities and other difficult situations. As an individual, you now understand how to manage your emotions without breaking down.

Helps You Get to KnowYour Authentic Friendships

Although depression is not contagious, it can scare “friends” away.  Some people are not able to withstandan uncomfortable situation. And may feel unworthy of friendship. When you pull away, it’s easy to know who cares about your troubles.

Difficult moments are the best times to know who your true friends are. The people who will sacrifice everything to give you their full support. The value of friendship is astounding especially to the person who is depressed. True friends will create time to be with you and give their support. They will share with you their honest opinion even if it makes you uncomfortable.

When you are in deep problem, all fake friends disappear. True friends do not judge. They stand with you and you can count on them during good and bad moments.

You Become Grateful For the Small Things in Life

There are things you can only learn after experiencing challenges. Coping mechanism, for example, is developed when you have mastered how to deal with problems. Depression has a way of bringing people into your life. The connections you establish eventually present important opportunities.

By sheer determination, you conquer the undesirable condition. And it can help you to control how you respond to shock-waves.

When you overcome a difficult situation, you master the fighting spirit. And be in a better situation to discern how to pick yourself up. Reward your small victories and achievements.


The moment there is any conflict in the body, stress can easily come in. Address the discomfort before it degenerates into a depressing condition. It’s not right to feel completely unable to do anything about your situation.

Depression is a serious condition that can interfere with your normal body functioning. It can result in a massive reduction in productivity.

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