The Stepwise Guide to Turn Failure into Success

Failure Is Part of Success: Eduardo Zanatta at TEDxBYU

Failure, being unexpected mostly, puts you in a traumatic state. Most people don’t know how to function in such a state. In the very first place, one should always consider failure as an option. According to research, 70% of the decisions we make are wrong. Consequently, most results are defeat. In this case, it is essential to know what to do to progress. For you should stay positive all along the journey.


The very first step would be to face the failure, not to run away from it. Most people, to be reliable, ignore the feeling of failure. One should understand that feelings of failure can become a source of motivation. Further, it will open the door for opportunities as well.

1) Embrace your emotions

When failure encounters, one is filled with heartbroken feeling. It is entirely okay to have this feeling. You should not run away from it and don’t lose hope. You can simply cry over your efforts wasted. But don’t build up frustration in yourself.

2) Talk to someone

Second, talk to someone. Explain your pain and hopelessness to a friend. It is of no use to hide the emotions. A productive conversation will help you figure out your position. It would also make you confident at some level. Moreover, your self-esteem would be stable at some point.

3) Don’t let it get over you

Control your thoughts in this situation. Moreover, make sure you know where you stand, and fear of failure did not overtake your thoughts. All along, keep motivating yourself throughout the journey. Simply be positive and energetic.


Facing and accepting failure are two different things. Failure is to know that it was your fault. You are a human, and you can make mistakes. It’s pretty normal.

1) Understand failure

Study your failure, its cause and consequences. Look for the mistakes that put you in this situation. Stop blaming external reasons for your failure. Understand the fact that it was your negligence that put you here. That’s okay. Because now, you can develop your personality.

2) Figure out where you stand

Now that you’ve failed in one thing doesn’t mean you have been unable to do anything successfully. Point out what you have lost and what opportunities you can avail next. Throughout this process, don’t fall in a traumatic state. Instead, be aware of the consequences, your further carelessness would generate.

3) Take small progressive steps

In this critical situation, keep making small moves that fill your self-esteem. Now and then, do simple tasks that make you feel at peace and calm. Even the simplest things like cleaning your room would make you feel better.


Most great people have failed. No one succeeds without encountering failure. Still, they all take this as a step towards success.

1) Change your mindset

Your perspective of seeing things decides your progress. If you think of failure as a final result, you won’t succeed. Instead, consider as an opportunity to get experience and knowledge. Gather the positivity around you. Pick out the best from the journey and understand your mistakes.

2) Notice your mistakes

Most importantly, pick out your mistakes. Search the nature of errors and under what circumstances you made them. Tell yourself to master in things you were not good at them. You should Practice in something where you want to excel.

3) Conclude your growth

Your mistakes make you learn. Evaluate how much have you grown after this failure. Your goal, in which you failed, is not your purpose. Your purpose is to grow and learn, every day. Make this failure increase your patience and ability to deal with miserable situations. Don’t let yourself repeat those mistakes, ever after.


Now that you have fully faced the failure by heart and mind move on. You have many other tasks to perform in life just that you can’t compromise on other things because of one.

1) Research famous failures

Keep yourself motivated by researching famous failures. Moreover, see how they responded to these situations and how you should respond to tackle failures. It will make you more resilient. Dr Abdul Kalam asserted :

“Don’t read success stories; you will only get a message; Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success”

2) Put down your goals

Write down your further goals. One failed goal is not to affect others. Get yourself clear about what you want to achieve further. Without wasting your time, start working on these goals. This habit would make your progress unstoppable.

3) Consult someone

Talk to a professional or respectable person whose advice you value. Tell him/her about the goal you have set. And ask them for bits of information to achieve those goals.

Don’t Quit

Failure is a failure when you just give up. Don’t quit. The mantra of don’t stop would lead you on the road of success. There are numerous obstacles in the way of progress. But you keep trying again and again and you should not give up.

Above all, there is no way of just getting stuck with the failure. Don’t discourage yourself. One defeat can’t decide you’re fate. But, your response to it surely does. So be wise and stable, while dealing with this. There will be people to encourage or discourage you. All you have to do is to stay calm and steady. Don’t let your internal energy fade.

That’s how you grow

Failure is not a full stop, and we have not heard a success story without fault. It is a step towards success. But how to make it be so? By using the above strategies. Instead of considering yourself a failure.

“Failure provides you with knowledge, and knowledge is a success.”

Tim Gibson

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